Friday, March 13, 2015

Nelli Tsay

we've spend with Nelli Tsay a huge amount of weeks willing to meet with each other and work together. she saw my pictures, I saw her face, but we were too shy, I guess, to make a first step towards one another.
and then she commented on one of my pictures, I responded and very quickly we set the date.
Nelli is a big traveller, she is a very hard to catch kind of girl. I don't remember how but we managed to find one hour in between her flights to make a mini-shoot and drink a coffee together.
my expectations were approved when I saw her. gorgeous exotic girl, very sensual, stylish and photogenic.
around the coffee she told me about her acting career that started pretty early back in Saint Petersburg and pursued all around the world, and that she is always on the run between different projects in different countries and how she is loving it.
Nelli is a very strong and determined person, she knows where she is going and makes everything that is in her power to get there, no excuses, no self-pity. I can learn a lot from her and I know I need more people like this around me in order to progress and build the confidence in myself and in my work.
we also share the same kind of believes and sensitivity towards life with Nelli. my only regret is that we didn't had a lot of time for shooting and for talking. but I know we will see each other very soon...

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