Thursday, March 23, 2017

Aram Arakelyan

I've got a really nice message from Aram about a month ago, he complimented me about my work, which is always so pleasant to hear (I wonder if one day I will be used to it, I hope not), it warms my heart every time and reminds me how blessed I am to do what I love. I had no idea who he was but by his name I understood he was Armenian. I used to live, during my college years, with two Armenian girls, so I have a particular "home like" feeling about this nation. Checking his pictures it was pretty clear that he was an actor or a model and since I'm always drawn to interesting people we decided to meet for a shooting.
My Armenian friends were smart and brilliant in their studies, they were speaking many different languages fluently, so when Aram told me he speaks 5 languages I was only half surprised... This is so amusing when you can speak with someone in french then switch to russian then back to french... I speak only 3 languages and my dream would be to learn 2-3 more, but I think I am too lazy for that. Aram lived in different countries and all his languages are flawless and almost without any accent. We walked around a parc talking and I did some shots of him. I also knew that Armenians were red-headed originally and for me Aram is a perfect exemple with his reddish curly hair and blue-green hypnotizing eyes. I'm so glad I keep on meeting people like that all the time in my life : talented, beautiful and incredibly smart.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017


We've found each other on Instagram and were following our respective work for a while before setting a date and meet to talk and see if we could collaborate together. Around a coffee we've found many things in common. I'm not especially attracted to the fashion world but I love Charlotte's style and her face and I'm always open to work with cool people. Another amazing thing about her is that it's impossible to tell which origins she has or even from which era she is coming from, she is very "movie like" and those kind of faces are very appealing to me.
We've met about a week ago and decided to shoot for a rising brand that we like a lot - J'ai mal à la tête. Here is our first collaboration that I'm very happy about :)
model : Charlotte

Friday, March 10, 2017


Our paths crossed last year in a subway. I was going to meet my friends for the dinner and I took the subway line, I usually don't, to join them. She was sitting in the wagon just in front of me, the light was hitting her golden hair and her hypnotizing blue eyes, the saddest eyes I've ever seen. She looked like a fairy or some fragile magical creature trapped in the darkest place. The other thing that caught my eye, except her melancholic face, is the way she was dressed : girly doll like dress, heavy black boots and the backpack. There was something very special about her. So before I went out on my station I gave her my visit card telling that I was a photographer and was willing to make the pictures of her, she looked up on me with her big sparkling eyes and the brightest smile appeared on her face, she said something like : "oh thank you", and I stormed out of the train. I have to say it was a big step for me because it might look really creepy when strangers are showing that much of interest in someone, plus I'm pretty shy and unsure of myself. But I did it and was kind of proud.

She wrote me back few hours later, her name was Eleonore. We've decided to meet each other for a coffee. My intuition was right, she was an amazing creature : very sensitive, talented, beautiful, with an unusual past. It was very easy for us to bond. She moved out from Paris before I could take the pictures of her but we stayed in touch. And when about two weeks ago she told me she will be in Paris for few days I jumped on the occasion to make a quick photo-session with her.

It feels incredible to choose people you want to take pictures of, because usually I don't. I rarely make the pictures for myself lately because, I guess, I found it too egoistic and it seemed more appropriate to work for others. But this experience shows me that I'm wrong and that the personal work is as important as any other, or maybe even more, because it opens up your soul in a complete different way.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Marta Bevacqua

I knew and followed Marta Bevacqua's work for several years already and admired her so much, to be honest she is in the top three of my favorite photographers all over the world. I also saw that she was living in Paris and that we were shooting sometimes the same actors/models and working for the same projects but the idea of contacting her and meeting her seemed to me surreal !
There are many people who act this way : they love someone's work but they never say anything to their favorite artists, never write comments to their publications, never even put "likes" because they feel irrelevant and don't want to "bother" and also they might think that the artist is "inaccessible" or even "hostile", they are silent fans. And I was one of them, too.
But something happened... I, myself, received nicest messages from people saying that they loved my work and it touched me deeply, so I decided it was my turn to write to artists I was inspired by.

I proposed Marta to meet and drink I cup of coffee. To my big surprise she said "yes" and we set a date.
It was a cold parisian morning about a year ago. I didn't had any expectations, I just wanted to meet her, to ask few questions about her art and her life.
We started to talk and found many things in common, being two foreigners and artists in Paris helps a lot of course, but not only this, the conversation was smooth and easy, we jumped from one topic to another, we had so many things to share. She had an important appointment that morning so we could only stay about an hour together. But we decided to meet again later.

I guess some kind of magic operated : more we saw each other more we were discovering the same kind of stories in our past, we could speak non stop for hours around cold beers. She introduced me to her amazing boyfriend with who I also immediately felt that warm impression of family, as if the three of us we knew each other since forever.
I can't even think of the fact that if I haven't wrote her many months ago we wouldn't be friends now.

Push ourselves from our confort zones is very important, meet the people we admire is a huge chance and luck. For me the relationships are everything, the meetings we make in life are crucial. Those to who we are connected by some kind of mysterious ropes are everywhere, you just have to find them. And if you feel you have some sort of special bond with someone don't be afraid to tell her/him, the result doesn't really mater ! If it's ment to be it will be, that's all I know. But if you don't give it a try you will never know...

Marta became even more of a huge source of inspiration to me because now I can see her human vulnerable side, and struggles that she is having sometimes don't stop her from moving forward, her talent and determination are contagious.
And of course, more over all, she is my close friend now and I can share everything with her without ever being judged or misunderstood, I've found a precious beautiful soul.

Those are pictures I took of her last Summer :