Sunday, March 15, 2015

Lou Gala

each time an artist write me down saying that my pictures touch her/him and she/he is willing to pose for me, my heart skips a bit. even more when I see something special in them...

Lou gave me a rendez-vous near the place I used to live in and loved with all my heart, but had to leave very suddenly. so it was very nostalgic for me, find myself there in the morning at a cafe knowing that I don't live here any longer. and then she passed the door and all my thoughts about the past evaporated...

from the very first second we felt very comfortable with each other. despite her age she is one of the most intelligent and adequate teenagers (and let's be honest adults too) I know, you don't have that feeling that you are talking to a child. she is an actress and she also sings with her dad ! her parents are very supportive in her career, which is pretty rare in the case of artists.
we talked about everything and nothing drinking our tea and then we went to the park I knew so well but never did a single shooting out there.
Lou has that pure kind of beauty that the actress Alexis Bledel also has and she made me think about her while I was shooting : white skin, dark hair ant those gorgeous huge blue eyes. and it's funny because I immediately felt that I want to shoot her in a strange dark spooky kind of ambiance one day.
I know that our paths crossed for a reason and hope we will work together very often.

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