Saturday, March 7, 2015

Elsa x studio

few months ago we spend an afternoon into professional photography studio with my Elsa and her friend who needed her as a model for his project for L'Oréal. I have to admit that photo studios creep me out, I'm scared of anything that is technical. so I felt as a fish out of water... but Cedric Porchez, professional photographer and the owner of the studio, is the opposite of me, he loves it, he showed us so many different ways to use the light and change the shadows on the face/body or behind the person, I had no idea that you can do all that kind of stuff with an artificial light. it was intimidating.
but then we went all together at lunch and in the middle of conversation Cedric told us that he would be lost if he had to make a shooting outdoors. and that's the moment when the fish jumps back in the water ! I love natural light and shoot outdoors, I feel myself very comfortable surrounded by nature or city on one by one with a person I shoot. so I felt some kind of relief. we are all different and like to work in different conditions.
of course it's very cool to learn new stuff and Cedric was very nice and patient. we did some pictures just for the experience with Elsa and I like a lot some of them.
and the good thing is that I'm not scared of photo studios any more...
model : Elsa Muse
thanks to : Constantin Papakonstantinou and Cedric Porchez

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