Friday, March 6, 2015

Morgane Housset

"malheureusement il y a des gens qui veulent faire ce métier pour des mauvaises raisons"

we started to talk with Morgane even before she was part of Venin agency. I liked this girl immediately, there was something special about her, then I saw her videos and understood why...

we've met few days ago, it was a sunny but cold morning. "I trust you completely" - she said, when I started asking her to take some weird poses.
she is not a usual kind of girl, her experiences forged a very strong character.
she felt in love with acting very young, but she discovered it by accident, because of love for a boy. her love for a boy didn't last but THE love for acting is inked now. we never know why we choose the painful experiences, but what I'm sure about is that it leads us somewhere else for a reason.

"I don't like the pictures of myself" - she said
"but how can you see yourself on screen then ?" - I asked
"well it's not the same. on screen it's not me but a character I'm playing" - answered Morgane. I never thought about this, but it makes total sense.

She likes dark characters and often play those. more the role is complex more she is attracted to it. it's that love for the dark side that I felt in her videos and that I completely share with her.

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