Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Elodie Besse

Elodie is a superwoman kind of girl, I admire her a lot. she is an amazing photographer, dancer, jewelry designer, cook, DJ and I can continue on and on. her beauty is timeless, she could have lived in 20's as well as 60's, her face has different eras reunited in one. the creativity is her life and her talent is huge. but as we all know multiple talents is not an easy gift to handle... but she seems to manage it quite well. her life is passionate and particularly interesting, you can listen her for hours and I love spending time with her. even if we can't see each other very often I believe we have a special bond.

she is always ready to try something new and weird. this way we shared a very particular experience together - family constellations, where she was me and I was her. I think it changed us in a very good way and now we know very personal things about each other, which makes me like her even more !

one fanny fact is that her family name in Slavic mythology means demon...

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