Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Catalina Koe

We've met with Catalina on Facebook and started to talk to each other because we liked a lot the work of one another. She is half Thai half German and was born and raised in Germany but lives right now in Bangkok, so she speaks too many languages, looks gorgeous and have that sparkling light in her eyes craving for life and new experiences. So when she told me she is coming to Paris for few days I was excited to meet her. We had only a very short amount of time for the shooting but still we managed to shoot each other in a beautiful park. Afterwards we had an appointment with my talented friend and also an amazing photographer Marta Bevacqua. Actually if I really think about this moment it was surreal : Italian, German and Siberian girls photographers drinking beer together in Paris... Life is crazy !!! And for me those kind of meetings are more precious than anything else.
we thought about taking a picture together already after Marta was gone :(
model : Catalina Koe

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