Saturday, November 12, 2016

fading sparks

There is a certain kind of special people you meet with whom you fall in love almost instantly, for no particular reason, it just feels like some sort of a karmic relationship. You see them all the time, think about them all the time, even if you live far away you always manage to talk to them often. Everything starts very fast and you can't imagine how you lived without them before. You see them as your soul siblings and say "I love you" more than you probably should.
And then all this magic goes away. They disappear completely or you fight all the time and suddenly no one have time for one another. Weeks, months, years are passing by and maybe your paths are going to cross again or maybe not. And I think it's a good thing. Not all relationships are meant to last, we can loose a track of friends or lovers but still have that fuzzy warm feeling about them and the time we had together. It doesn't mean you don't love each other anymore, it only means your time has passed. As if you were two shooting stars crossed in a flight : intense but brief.
I don't believe in coincidence, all meetings happen for a reason and I think we all have lessons to learn from one another. We should cherish each moment in relationships because even if it is not going to last it will make you understand something very meaningful. The most complicated and painful thing is to let go and accept without trying to retrieve it, because once the spark is gone you can't have it back but you can find another one with someone else and keep the old one as a beautiful memory.
to all my past loves and friendships


  1. Очень трогательный текст. Как ты хорошо пишешь ❤️ !