Monday, November 30, 2015

my sweet Lena

with some people we fall in love instantly. it is what happened with this little angel.
she is a sister of my close friend that I love with all my heart and whom I know for years. but I don't know if actually it matters, if we like siblings of someone we love already automatically. I don't think so, I think it's more about the souls. and her's is beautiful.
I feel like I know her for so long as if she was my sister too. I can't get enough of being in her company and I want to take care of her even though she is so far away. and when I shoot her I don't want to stop. she is a perfect muse to me : her every movement is magical, her expressions are so different from one to another I have to spend hours choosing in between 10 almost the same pictures (the same for others but not for me of course), her eyes are narrative and even though I know some of her stories, so I understand the sadness and melancholy in it, there is so much more that are hidden inside, so much more I would like to learn.
her quirkiness is so precious and every flaws she hates about herself I cherish. she is like a movie that you want to watch again and again...
it's scary to have those feelings for someone you barely know and you can look as such a fool confessing them, especially if your feelings are not shared...

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