Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Xavier Lafitte

I was so lucky to spend some time with a great human being and actor Xavier Lafitte...
For the first time I saw him when I was a teenager on a tv-show, and then few months ago we went with Maƫlle to see our friend who was playing on stage. From the first seconds I told myself that I feel like I know one of the main actors but I couldn't understand from where. And then I remembered !!! I think if you've ever seen Xavier you can never forget his deep-blue eyes ! At the end of the play we said hi to him and then I asked my friend Francois whom was playing with him if I could contact him for the pictures, Francois told me "yes of course ! He is a great guy ! You should totally write him !" Scared as hell I wrote him the next day and he told me that he would like to pose for me ! For a while we couldn't find a moment when both of us were free, so I kind of told to myself that it wouldn't happen. But Xavier is a man of his word so even though he was tired and wasn't feeling good he came to take a walk with me and make few pictures.
It was a sunny beautiful day, I was waiting for him close to the Eiffel Tower, he approached with the brightest smile. It's funny how sometimes you can feel from the beginning that someone is a great person. He is not only an actor but also a writer, a dancer (he even danced for me for a little bit) a painter... so many talents in just one guy. We spend a great time together talking and walking on the quais de Seine, he shares my absolute love for Paris and travels. He also has an ancient soul and lucid mind, he cares a lot for the nature and actually he is taking real steps in order to change things instead of just talking.
I'm so grateful I've met him, people like him are incredibly precious !

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