Tuesday, March 31, 2015


few weeks ago my friend Provence called and asked me to help her in Courchevel where she works with her husband as a sport photographer. my first reaction was "oh no, I can't".

about 3 years ago when I was completely lost in my life : we just broke up with my longtime boyfriend with whom we lived together for 4 years, my career was inexistent and my relationships with people were confusing. so with all that baggage I came to work in Courchevel for 2 months as a photographer on ski station. it was a very hard experience for me, very painful and full of loneliness. I cried in the car of my boss, asking him to let me go, but he insisted saying that he believed in me. and later my friends also told me to stay at least for one week. finally I stayed until the end of the season, through the tears. I think it was some sort of "touching the bottom" experience. of course get back there was not a pleasure for me. but then I thought that thanks to that experience I also grew up and got others amazing opportunities, as for example 6 months of living and working in Greece.

so I called back my friend and told her I would come. I decided to face my old demons.
we've spend an amazing week together, she is one of the girls I get along with perfectly, it's easy, as if we knew each other all our life. I would love that all my relationships were like that, where you are not afraid to be who you are and you feel loved and safe all the time.
all the pictures are by me and Provence Boffard

P.S. Pro, I love you girl, and so happy to have you in my life, thank you for everything, you are my star 

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