Monday, February 2, 2015


here comes another shooting with Pascaline, the sexiest tomboy, not in her style because her closet is full of dresses, but more in her spirit.
she has a timeless beauty, she is particularly smart, she is living in a coolest place with her handsome boyfriend, she is driving a beautiful motorcycle, her dog is well educated, she has a lot of friends, she cooks damn well, her sense of humor is hilarious, she knows exactly what she wants from life and where she is going, you can make several movies or write books from her past and her future projects are amazing.
I would hate her ! instead she became my friend.
she has such a huge heart, she helped me a lot in my life adventures and I know I can totally count on her, she is a source of inspiration on many different levels for me.
I feel that it is a kind of friendship that can last through years no matter if we live in the same country or not...
I am happy to have you in my life, babe 
model : Pascaline

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