Sunday, February 8, 2015

Mirabela Vian

we've met with Mirabela one cold December afternoon. she was telling me her life story, I was resuming mine when we arrived at the place I wanted to shoot her. the next second I realized... I forgot something a bit important for the shooting...

I am a control freak kind of person : I almost never forget anything, I'm always on time (except when it's really not my fault), I know where my stuff is (even in a huge mess), I'm not clumsy, I have a good sense of direction, I have a logical kind of mind and in a very little amount of time I can analyze a lot of things others will not notice. and for me it's not a gift but a curse because the awkwardness of other people drives me crazy even though I understand it's not their fault.
I talked a lot about this with my father who is exactly the same (so no need to ask from who I got it) and we agreed that it is a hard thing to live with, because you see all those "faults" in other people behavior and sometimes you just want to kill them. but also the awful thing is that there is a flip side in our "gift" : from time to time we do things that are so crazy and much more worse then just forgetting keys or loosing a sell-phone. for instance my father once forgot to close the house (I mean at all) or me, I didn't turn off the fire of the cooker and went away from home... it's like the punishment for us of being mad on other people !

so that day of the shooting it was my camera that I forgot... in my defense I would say that lately my life is pretty chaotic and I'm doing a lot of things at the same time, but still...
Mirabela was so sweet that she promised she will never tell anyone and didn't looked at me as if I was a complete freak for one second !
so we got back at my place for the camera and started the shooting.
this girl is a dancer and an actress, she is so interesting and kind, her story is as a touching movie, her life is full of passion and she is an amazing dancer. when she was dancing, despite all the people that were passing by, she was somewhere else, it was fascinating to watch.
some people are incredible in their brave way of making the decisions and taking life as it is without making any drama, Mirabela is like that. her projects are inspiring and I think she has a very special destiny to achieve.
model : Mirabela Vian

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