Saturday, February 14, 2015

Charlie Morgan

I've met Charlie the first time at Kusmi Tea on Champs Elysées, he came to Paris for an audition. it was an amazing day for me for many reasons and I was meeting my friend the talent agent Maëlle and had no idea that there will be someone else with her. he seemed very nice but very shy, I would never thought at this point that we will meet again very soon and became friends.
he invited us to come to London to see him in a play where he had the leading role. so we decided with Maëlle to go to London for 5 days. I'll post later my feelings about London and our trip.

Charlie was very good in his play and he was a perfect guide for us in the city. we had a lot of fun together. at the end of our trip we took only few minutes for a test shoot but it was enough to realize his potential. there is something enigmatic in his face, you think you know him but then you look at the pictures and you see something else, something special. I truly believe that he can go very far in his career, I can feel it and see it in his expressions. maybe through my camera I can capture the man he is going to be... it's very strange and I can't wait to made the real shooting with him, to see what he has behind his green eyes.

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