Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Laure Lochet

"mais tu es sure que c'est beau ?!" - Laure.

it's such a magical feeling when you shoot someone only for the second time but you see a total transformation, and when this person is telling you that it's thanks to you that she is feeling herself better in her own skin !
the second shooting was completely different from the first one, she was different, more confident. I love this girl for many reasons : her sensibility, her melancholic eyes, her sensuality, her fragility, her beauty, her sometimes "alien" look (she has an ability to disappear from this world for few seconds), her craziness, etc etc etc... but also for the fact that she is showing me all her inside world in spite of her fears and luck of confidence. and I know petty well how scary it is to have to trust someone when you are afraid and "letting go" when you don't actually see your own beauty ! so thank you my sweet Laure, can't wait to shoot you again !!! 

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