Saturday, November 15, 2014

Anne Sophie Trebel - part I

Anne Sophie contacted me via my Facebook saying that she would love to work with me, and when I saw her pictures I had a huge crush...
so very quickly we organized our first meeting together. 

she was already there, waiting for me, when I came-up from subway. I approached her with a smile and she looked very surprised :
"Oh, I thought you will be much more older !"- she said ; it was actually a great compliment because she saw my old soul through my pictures ahah.
we had an amazing connection not only in the pictures but talking about life, love, energy, art, work, etc... as if we perfectly understood each other without words. 
her beauty is obvious, but even more deep than I thought when I first saw her pictures. her movements are so graceful that each picture is unique, she perfectly knows her face and her body so no need to direct her at all, just shoot. I think it's the first time in my life that I took so many pictures for just one test-shooting, because I was that much fascinated by her.
when the sunset came and there was not enough light to shoot any longer (in other case I would continue I'm afraid) we went to a bar for talking.
it's crazy how you can find people with the same vision of life as you have when you are looking for this. the warm feeling of love fills you up and you KNOW that you are at the right place at the right time. life is full of beautiful surprises when you are ready to accept it.

talking with Anne Sophie helped me to "see" some things in me and in my relationships. "c'etait une évidence". I will keep preciously those conversations in my memory.
we still connected in some way since than, and thanks to her advices I made a huge step in my life and took a very big decision.
and of course she is my muse now 

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