Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Gwendolyn Gourvenec

it was a while ago, during a party we were talking with my old friend and I was saying how one day I would love to take pictures of actors. 
"hey, I know one ! she is very beautiful and very nice !" - and he connected us through Facebook. it was a year and a half ago... since then we spoked a lot with Gwen but never could find a moment to shoot. 
finally we've met at the end of last summer. my friend was totally right she is gorgeous and very sweet ! she has a lot of different faces and expressions which change from one picture to another, it's very interesting to observe. she also was very committed to our shooting even though I pushed her to pose in a very delicate situations, she went through the whole shooting, without complaining, with a lot of different emotions. such a pleasure, it was worth to wait for such a long time...

special thanks to Seb ;)

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