Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Sarah Ramaully

"j'ai eu peur, j'ai cru que c'était un gros nuage !"

Sarah is the kind of girl people stare at : beautiful, luminous, tall, slim, exotic... but what they don't know is that she is also down to earth and truly kind girl. it's like being around a Buddha (I've never been around one, but I think it's the way I would feel) you can feel the light inside of her and it spreads on you.

we've first met for a shooting and it went very smoothly and quickly. she doesn't have to pose at all, it's natural for her, I barely directed her, it's like she knew what I wanted from her. I'm starting to think that modeling skills it's something inner, not something you can learn, well you can but it won't be that genuine ! 
usually being around girls like her make me nervous. I don't feel myself comfortable because even if she wears snickers with an old t-shirt she still looks sexy and I could have spend one hour preparing myself I still look accurate compare to her. but it wasn't the case this time, I felt good and calm !

later I will learn more things about her and getting more and more impressed : big heart, great host, amazing cook, fun, has an alternative taste in music/movies/life, girls like her are rare those days ! and I'm glad that more and more often my muses are becoming my friends. 

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