Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Greece : in front of the camera, part II

feeling sick and tired and completely uninspired... wanna be at my parents' place so they would make a chicken soup and take good care of me and chase my downcast mood.
we don't really realize how lucky we are when we live with our relatives, life seems simple and easy, without problems and the big plus there is always a hot dinner on the table and you never eat alone !
I'm not a very expressive person but I miss all my quirky family members and even if I'm not saying it enough I love them.
so in order to make me feel better and because I promised them, here another shooting of me from last summer in Greece.
photographer : Nicolas Russon
photoshop : me

1 comment:

  1. Анют.... фотки оч характерные... ты такая строптивая и загадочная... пипец как нравятся 2ая и 5ая!!! молодец что не теряешь своей сущности!!!