Thursday, March 23, 2017

Aram Arakelyan

I've got a really nice message from Aram about a month ago, he complimented me about my work, which is always so pleasant to hear (I wonder if one day I will be used to it, I hope not), it warms my heart every time and reminds me how blessed I am to do what I love. I had no idea who he was but by his name I understood he was Armenian. I used to live, during my college years, with two Armenian girls, so I have a particular "home like" feeling about this nation. Checking his pictures it was pretty clear that he was an actor or a model and since I'm always drawn to interesting people we decided to meet for a shooting.
My Armenian friends were smart and brilliant in their studies, they were speaking many different languages fluently, so when Aram told me he speaks 5 languages I was only half surprised... This is so amusing when you can speak with someone in french then switch to russian then back to french... I speak only 3 languages and my dream would be to learn 2-3 more, but I think I am too lazy for that. Aram lived in different countries and all his languages are flawless and almost without any accent. We walked around a parc talking and I did some shots of him. I also knew that Armenians were red-headed originally and for me Aram is a perfect exemple with his reddish curly hair and blue-green hypnotizing eyes. I'm so glad I keep on meeting people like that all the time in my life : talented, beautiful and incredibly smart.

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