Saturday, June 27, 2015

Corsica : part I

when my dear friend Maëlle asked me to come to Corsica with her, I wasn't sure at first... but her force of persuasion is quite strong. one of the actors of her agency was playing a leading role in an historical short movie Les Excilés in there and invited us to spend some time together.
from the first second that we arrived in Calvi we felt in love with this place, we were almost always scouted by Corsican boys who were actors or the stuff of the movie. it was amazing, we felt like princesses !

there is something very soulful about Corsican people, very deep and artistic, it made me think about russian people and my life in Siberia. I feel at home and very peaceful on that land, it's like I have a special bound that brings me back there over and over again.
I've met so many great people in just 5 days it's crazy ! we've also spend one day on filming, I even did few shots on the set of the movie without getting killed by other official photographers.
I can feel that this movie is going to be a great success because all the people that participated have huge hearts and put a lot of love in this project.

the island is also very photogenic and you feel the creative rush all the time.
we did a lot of pictures with Maëlle of each other, and thanks to her I feel a bit better in my skin. our friendship growing stronger now and even though sometimes our relationship is volcanic we love each other even more. I hope that there will be many other trips like that very soon...
those are the pictures we took of each other in the place we were staying in Calvi and also in our friend's breathtaking hotel room in Ile Rousse.
special thanks to Jeremy 

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