Tuesday, April 14, 2015


last October we went in Barcelona with my best friend Nonna. I was working a lot so didn't had time for anything and she organized every singe thing of our trip, I just had to pack my bags. did I already mentioned that I have the best friends ever ? and now that she is living far away from me we have to find the ways to see each other and the coolest thing is that we travel a lot side by side much more often then we did when we lived together.
so Barcelona it is ! I've already been there with my family a while ago but just for one day, so I had an idea of the city.
Nonna found us an amazing place in a very hype neighborhood close to the center of the city. we walked a lot, ate the tons of Tapas, as usually I exploded the sugar limits I imposed to myself, we've visited almost everything we could and I honestly can say that I love that city. you feel relaxed, free, secure, lazy, you take your time for everything all the time (for example drink one coffee for one hour), it's a completely different way of living that I'm used to and I like it a lot !
we've learned interesting facts about Antoni Gaudì and his art that changed the appearance of the city forever, he was a true genius and dedicated all his life to art. there is something that touches me profoundly in his artistic vision, maybe that special affinity he had with nature...
of course we didn't wanted to leave the city and decided to get back someday soon. but for now other adventures are waiting for us this summer...

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