Monday, January 12, 2015

Ali B

Ali contacted me few months ago, he needed the pictures for his book.
we've met at the place he choose, the one you can see very often in my pictures. it was a cold afternoon or at least I was cold, Ali was changing his clothes and didn't seemed to mind it whereas I was shivering...
"the cold is only in your head", - he told me. I still don't know how could I live in Siberia for 16 years...

we talked at the same time as I was shooting him, it was even faster then usual. Ali has that amazing capacity to translate in the pictures his emotions in a fraction of a second and has different faces, I saw in him : at least 3 different actors, one family related member and my high-school crush. this is the other thing I don't understand : how could some people have that special something, that is visible only when the camera is pointing at them ? it's like they can take the other shapes, as if they have several beings that live inside of them. and it is not even beauty or charm it's something else, much more deeper ! and of course they are the best gift for my inner eye.
our shooting was very spontaneous I felt like I could experiment more with him, then I usually do. then we grabbed a tea together and talked about everything and nothing, it was so easy.
some meetings are really meant to be and you can feel it, even if we don't understand why at the moment...

few days later I send the pictures to Ali, as always a bit nervous : "will he like it or not ?". and now I have on my answering machine the best return about my work ever ! thank you Ali for your reaction and your words, it's etched in my head !


  1. Your pictures are so beautiful and I can relate to this story - the one you told at the beginning of this post... I can relate so much it's crazy and... I completely agree with you :)
    Keep up the great work :)