Friday, November 21, 2014


 I was contacted by the brand Yakmy in order to shoot the scarf collection for Christmas. they wanted young vision of their clothes and the pictures that remind us about cold and Christmas holidays. 
from the second I got the scarfs in my hands I wanted to keep them for me, it's was so soft and warm and I'm very sensitive to the cold. but the real deal is that their clothes are made from Tibetan Yacks' hair !!! I'm crazy about everything that is rare and weird and high-quality and this brand has all of it. I hope one day to shoot their whole collection !
the other great thing is that I was totally free to choose my models and the places to shoot, so I immediately thought about my gorgeous blogger Elsa Muse and my handsome actor Renat Shuteev. but actually shooting the products is not as easy as it seams, for example Elsa spend at least 30 minutes to throw the scarf in the air over and over again until we got THE perfect picture and we struggled with Renat against which wall to shoot.
finally everybody is happy and love the result, and I'm ready to start all over again.
and the best part is - I am keeping the scarfs !!!!!! so I'm ready for the winter :)
 models : Elsa & Renat
scarfs : Yakmy

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