Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Renat Shuteev

"le cul entre deux chaises"

so strange to meet someone from your own country who arrived at the same age as you in France and even more strange - to shoot him.

I have few close russian friends in Paris even if I'm not the type of person who is looking forward to hang out only with russians, but I've met all of them almost "by accident".
so with Renat it was the same, we've met for the shooting. very weird to direct someone in russian, I was nervous as hell but still I think it was one of my favorite shootings !
the eastern charm, unusual beauty, many different expressions that run on his face almost at the same time, deep blue eyes that reflect the old soul hidden inside of him - it all operated very well in our pictures !
and of course it's so pleasant to speak with some one who understands you that well, not only because we speak the same language but because we had the same kind of experience in life. nostalgia is our characteristic, being lost in the country that we live but also feeling like a stranger in our home country when we are back there, it's our curse and our gift...
special thanks to my dear Maëlle for this beautiful meeting

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