Saturday, September 13, 2014

Laure Lochet

"Laure est une vraie petite lumière brisée" - Maëlle, Laure's agent.

we've met one rainy morning about a month ago : she was nervous and I was such a mess that I forgot to put a memory card in my camera... 
- "should we cancel ?" she asked with her sweet voice as trying to escape a torture - the photo-shoot... 
- "of course not !"
so we went under the rain to bye a new card talking about our careers. it's hard to believe that girls like her can be unsure of their beauty and talent. her melancholic eyes and her Lolita like sensuality totally melted my heart ! she couldn't relax for the first 20minutes but then slowly started to show me what she was capable of and it was such a pleasure ! shooting under the rain was new to me but very pleasant as I could mix my two loves : photography and rain.

the second shooting with gorgeous Laure is coming very soon !

model : Laure Lochet
agency : Venin

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