Saturday, December 28, 2013

Contre Jour

Contre Jour is an amazing band from Nice, they sound and look very 80's, their influences are mainly rock and new wave and their videos are self-producted. All of this you can read on their official website : Contrejourband or else where or see it by yourselves. I will tell another story.

It was 11 years ago when I moved in Nice with my mom, I new nobody, had a difficult teenage crises and so on, not the best period in a human life.
I met this gothic girl in my new high school who introduced me to her friends... They all were very eccentric and interesting, with weird looks and tastes but there was one thing that united them - music ! they all were cultivated and listened to many different stuff, mostly old-school. rock, new wave, cold-wave, punk, post-punk, industrial music, 80's, 90's, etc etc... it was truly impressive. thanks to them I have some kind of music culture now ! so they became my new family (one of them was even my first french boyfriend). we saw each other almost every day, my first teenage experiences were with them : parties, concerts, sleep-overs, travels, first hangovers... it lasted for almost 2 years then we kind of lost a track of each-other and later I moved in Paris. but maybe it was on purpose, because we got too close and needed a space to change and evolve.

until about 3 years ago when I accidentally met one of them in a bar ! and so I learned that they've formed a band, that it's pretty successful and that they all work in music/video productions. the funny thing is that nothing changed, like all these years didn't exist.
and so last summer we spend a lot of time together. they asked me to do a shooting for their up-coming video-clip which was an honor for me because I'm truly their huge fan !
hopefully we will always keep that special bond that exists between us.
forget me not or I'll forget myself : Anastassia, Chris, JuJu, Manu


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