Monday, December 30, 2013


he is hard to miss kind of guy ! great personality, open minded, interesting, funny, talented in so many ways, stylish and obviously handsome. we've met about a year and a half ago in Greece, he was a person in charge of a circus team and one of the favorites GO's of I guess pretty much everybody. besides being a circus performer, juggler, diaboloist, magician, make-up artist and other cool stuff he started to learn hypnosis... to me he is a true polyvalent artist and I wish him to continue on that road without getting lost !

our first shooting together took place in Paris in a rainy cold autumn day.


  1. Such an amazing work, love the way how you take the subject such great, just had a look on all your blog and i'm totally in love of all the picture and the feeling they give it ;D great job and amazing artist