Thursday, August 22, 2013

my Parisian muse

I was searching for a muse in Paris for a very long time...

it all happened 2 months ago. I wrote to Paulette which is a cool girly magazine here in Paris, they answered right away and send me to make a picture for their next edition of a girl who works for them as clothes and jewelry customizer, in order to photograph her in her new creation - grunge top. it's pretty much all I knew. so we fixed a date. I was waiting for her downstairs when the door opened and I saw HER with her bright smile, gorgeous body and beautiful face, I immediately asked myself "is it her I was looking for ?" few minutes later I took the test picture, just to check the lights... and so it was it ! no doubts she is the one who is going to be my muse, I was so excited. we wrapped the shooting very quickly and easily, camera loves her ! I will reveal the whole shooting very soon, as soon as the magazine will publish their september edition (in few days).

so here comes my muse - Elsa : magnificent, clever, funny, gentle, interesting and very talented girl. her DIY blog Elsa Muse (how ironic is that !?) is amazing and amusing ! I know for sure we'll work a lot together, create and innovate each one in our own area with mutual help. I can't explain how happy I am that life brought us together !!!!

I held her presence in secret long enough so for now here comes the famous first picture of our collaboration !

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