Thursday, August 22, 2013


this time our meeting with gorgeous Kenza ( who just celebrated the 5 years of her blog ) was in summer YAY ! but still I think we see each other only when the climatic conditions are pretty difficult to bear, because it was too hot !!! but she held herself like a warrior through the shooting despite the heat and little injuries. the whole thing took place in the beautiful park de Bercy, she came with her boyfriend Baptiste who was such a gentleman, he didn't complained once despite the length of the shooting and was helpful and stayed charming and funny until the end. by the way they make a great couple together !

but let's go back to Kenza. so our first shooting was a while ago, one year and a half more precisely ; so what changed ? I was amazed how she became so much more comfortable with a camera, of course she is used to it and we know each other better because it's our third time together, but also now she gets what I like and what I want her to do and it's such a pleasure when people can "feel" you ! what didn't changed - she stills that easy-going, funny girl, who can laugh about herself and make jokes and amusing faces in between the shoots but become very professional when I'm ready with my camera. and the biggest bonus about her is that she remembers stuff you've told her, even some little details, and it's priceless nowadays when nobody really listen to others except themselves !

our two first shootings are here :


  1. Soe great pictures !! :)
    Congrats !!

  2. Tes photographies sont vraiment sublimes!
    Je suis sous le charme!

    Fanny de Rubmbelle B.

  3. Très beau travail anna !, je t'ai découverte sur le blog de kenza ;) Tu sais particulièrement la mettre en valeur. Et sa photo avec Baptiste est très émouvante...


  4. merci beaucoup ! c'est un bon modèle la jolie Kenza ;)