Thursday, October 11, 2012

last hours on the island

I'm gonna start from the end because I can never do things on time...
I've spend 6 month living in Greece. amazing 6 months with ups and downs but so full of emotions and events. I met great people that I will never forget and some of them are going to stay a part of me forever !
I miss all this and the return to the real life is very painful but it's so worth it !
last hugs :
 our boat :
 the pontoon with our luggage : 
 the last goodbyes of those who stayed few days more to close the club :
 the beach :
 Jocasta saying goodbye to the island :
  Matthieu saying goodbye to the island :
 the hotel :
 the sunrise :
 Ludo hugging Jocasta and smoking :
 the sunset :

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