Sunday, January 29, 2012

J & J

I remember the first time I saw them, I actually thought they were a couple, a gorgeous couple. but then someone told me that they were brother and sister. we were all teenagers back then and they seemed unapproachable to me and I think to many other people also. at that moment I would never have thought that one day I'll become friends with him and will shoot them together many many years later...

I believe that very often the inner beauty could be visible on people's faces. and I can tell that this is their case. and not only they are beautiful but also very talented, intelligent, thoughtful and kind fellas. they have that special light around them, I swear. well okay, on those shots there was also the sun behind them...


  1. Vertorma6kovaja, t.e. 9aja originaljnaja i 10aj - cveta ooocenj zdorovskie!!! 3 toze ocenj i ocenj!!! T