Thursday, January 7, 2016

Audrey Giacomini

we've met with Audrey in the morning of the 1st December, the same evening I was leaving for Thailand. I was a mess : I had thousand things to do before my flight, was tired as hell and had an awful headache. in days like that I'm always worried that my mood will appear in my pictures or that I will not be able to shoot. but with a professional model and actress like Audrey it was easy, every shot was good, and I didn't even lead her at all. her roots are very unusual she is part Vietnamese and part corsican, what makes her look very exotic and interesting to shoot. she is also a very interesting girl with a lot of different stories to tell, she shared with me some of it.
Audrey started her career very early as a child model and already turned in many movies. she even played a part in one of the movies that I like very much - Mr Nobody.
here comes our first shooting together under a grey Parisian sky...

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