Monday, June 1, 2015

Maud Chalard

when I first saw Maud Chalard I immediately felt in love with her features and wanted to shoot her right away. you know when you "feel" that this or that model is going to be perfect for you, a real muse. but for a while that we lived together we just couldn't find a moment, she was working, I was busy... then I moved out but we kept in touch and I was holding in the back of my head a wish to shoot her one day.
about a month ago I was talking with my friend and make-up artist Nidia about which style we would like to shoot next and which photographer to choose. I showed her Maud's work and face and just like me she adored her from the first picture, as a model and as a photographer. Maud has that particular bohemian style, so I suggested to make fairy kind of shooting, very green and dreamy.
of course I knew that Maud was shy and wasn't sure she was going to say yes then Nidia came up with an idea to shoot us both !
we've met a sunny morning with Maud and spend few hours on the make-up.
and then we walked in Bois de Vincennes. from the first picture I took of her I knew I wasn't mistaken, Maud is an inspiring model, she is not posing at all, she is very natural and her huge blue-green eyes are to die for ! and there is something very gracious in the way she moves, she is bewitching the camera. she also has that special bond with nature, that I'm always looking for.
here comes my vision of her.
I shot a lot of those picture with Petzval lens that was kindly given to me by Lomography.
model : Maud Chalard
make-up artist : Nidia V
special thanks to : Lomography

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