Friday, May 15, 2015

when we woke up in Minorca, part I : Fornells and Monte Toro

I always liked Spain bur I've never been on spanish islands, so when we opened our eyes and saw that we were in Minorca I was very excited ! we've visited Fornells, Monte Toro and a beautiful villa (that I don't remember the name, but only the taste of delicious cheese made in their region mmmmmm).
I swear I was breathless when we were standing on the top of Monte Toro and not because of a violent wind but because of the view and those outstanding colors (not Photoshoped btw). the only regret : too little time, we couldn't explore the places the way we would love to, but we'll be back ;)
Fornells :
Monte Toro :
cute little villa where we tasted home made cheese :
models : Astrid, Daphné, Elsa
special thanks to : Croisières de France

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