Tuesday, May 12, 2015

when we woke up in Barcelona

few weeks ago I was publishing a post about our trip with a friend saying how much I would love to do it more often : take a road, explore new places with friends/models while shooting them. a little bit later  I received a message from my dear friend Elsa asking me if I want to go with her and other two bloggers on a one week trip through Mediterranean sea... I couldn't believe it at first and until the end thought it wouldn't work !
but it did !!!

here comes our first day with three gorgeous, funny, smart and interesting girls (oh yes I was lucky enough to get the amazing and talented bloggers also).
models : Astrid, Daphné, Elsa
special thanks to Croisières de France


  1. <3 quel talent Anna, tes photos sont magnifiques!

    1. merci ma jolie <3
      cela dit avec des beautés pareil c'était pas trop compliqué :p