Friday, May 22, 2015


I shot those two mermaids just before we left for the cruise with girls.
actually I'm always very nervous when I have to shoot more than one person at the same time, the osmose is not always operating, the expressions can not correspond to one another, people can be shy in front of each other, etc etc. but Elsa and Katia insisted for a long time so I finally said yes !
in between several rendez-vous and tones of stuff to do before leaving we set an appointment. we've met on the quay of Seine early in the morning and in twenty minutes the shooting was done !
of course with Elsa it was easy and thanks to Katia experience of posing it was a piece of cake, I barely told them what to do, they were very professional. and even though girls are very different looking : Katia has a baby-doll/manga's face and style and Elsa is more femme fatale the commitment of both made that shooting fresh and different from what I do usually !

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