Saturday, May 23, 2015

living on boulevard de la Villette

last year when I was looking for a new place to live in, I saw Maud's post about her searching a roommate for two months. Maud Chalard is an incredible photographer and I was watching and admiring her work for a year already, so when I saw her announcement I immediately jumped on the occasion. she answered me 10 minutes later, giving the number of her roommate and telling me to come at their place.
this how I met Julie who was working in the cinema (life is sometimes so incredible), we talked a lot about our jobs and I liked her very much, she explained me her work as a script-girl and told about her passions that we share - movies and photography. she showed me her room that was filled with things from different movies she worked on, it was so beautiful and interesting. she lend me her amazing place during her trip in Australia.

when I was moving in I was a bit intimidated meeting Maud, but she was so sweet and as shy as I was. this girl is genuine, talented, intelligent and so empathetic, it's quite rare nowadays I think... we got along very well from the first minute and those two months were a blessing for me. I'm so thankful to those two great girls who helped me to cross a complicated period, a milestone, in my life and glad that life put them on my road.
I will never forget how Julie, who got back from Australia the day of my birthday, sang to me "happy birthday to you" at 8 in the morning with a huge hat on her head on the stairs of our building. it was something surrealistic, very movie like.
those are few souvenirs from October, November and December.

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