Tuesday, May 5, 2015


at the end of last year I had to live my beloved apartment not by choice but for the reasons not depending on me.
I can't explain how much I loved that place...

at first it wasn't my apartment at all but belonged to two armenian girls of 16 and 17 years old who took me in almost 10 years ago. back then I was in university with one of them, having no idea what am I doing here. I wasn't searching for any kind of relationships, and I wasn't even sure to finnish my studies, I always hated the studies as long as I can remember myself. but at the end Sorbonne Nouvelle brought me more than I could imagine, a true powerful friendship that lasts through the years and distance.
so those 2 sweet little girls invited me in their small apartment and we lived there together for many years and even though I kind of moved out for few years I always kept on getting back. we grew-up there, took lots of "first steps" in these walls : had our first boyfriends, first jobs, finished our education and graduated, had crazy parties, sleepless nights full of silly conversations about life and love, but also our first heartbreaks, deceptions, difficult moments but more of all we had so much fun together and laughed a lot more then we cried. these two little women, younger but stronger and more independent then me gave me a little home and were a true family to me. 
the apartment was on the ground floor, so we always had different creatures living with us. the most adorable from all was a cat that once jumped in our window early in the morning and even though he had his own house he kept on coming back, so of course I took a lot of pictures of him and named him Rascal, he grew-up on my eyes. I also did tones of pictures of other people in here.

when girls, one after another, moved out I got the apartment for myself but nothing worked out with other people I lived in, as before. many heart-breaking moments had followed until I hadn't choice but to leave...
I will always have a twinge passing in the neighborhood but I'm so grateful for all those experiences and all that happened, it build my personality and who I am now.

those are last auto-portraits that I took (I actually have a lot of good pictures taken in here but no time to search and publish, other life is waiting for me, the past will stay the past), selection of Rascal best photos, and few other miscellaneous...
all the precious memories I will keep forever in my heart, thanks for everything 


  1. It's hard to feel like you belong somewhere, and even harder to let it go when found.
    I hope you'll find yourself at home somewhere else anytime soon. Might take some time to adjust.. Take care.