Thursday, April 2, 2015

London calling

when Maëlle told me for a first time about the possibility to go to London I thought it wouldn't happen. she just "adopted" a new protégé in her talent agency who was from London and who invited us to come and see his new play.
I can't say I was excited about this trip, London never was my first choice destination and I never really thought about it. and until we got out of the train it seemed unreal to me...
and I think as long as I waited for nothing from the city it totally took me by surprise !

we were always scouted by two handsome boys, who took good care of us all along, so it was easy and reassuring for us and we didn't felt ourselves like stupid tourists, well except maybe few times...

people are adorable in London very nice and so polite with beautiful and unusual faces, very stylish and almost everybody speaks several languages. there is art spirit everywhere, theaters, movies, musicals, cool places... you feel yourself like in a movie. I loved absolutely everything about it. and felt like I'm at home. I can easily picture myself living there. let's hope I'll be back soon...
special thanks to Charlie and Romanos, Masha and Hervé who gently received us and took care of us 

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