Monday, March 2, 2015

Antoine Veteau

about a year and a half ago, when I was completely lost and had no idea if I should stay in Paris or move somewhere else, I was temporary hired to the Lido team of photographers.
I remember this awful first day when you go to a new place and know nobody, asking yourself what the hell am I doing here... nervous. I was told that someone will wait for me at the address I was given. once I've found the place I saw a guy sitting next to the door, he had curly hair and a leather jacket, smoking or whatever. I felt a relief but when I passed next to him he ignored me completely. this is my first memory of Antoine.
next few weeks I was scared of him constantly and was sure he doesn't like me. and at my last day of work I discovered that it was not true...

it's weird sometimes how we can misjudge other people being misjudged ourselves. for instance very often people think that I'm a cold and very confident person, which is actually the opposite of me. we hide our true faces behind the masks of self-confidence whereas inside we are scared to death.

of course now I know that Antoine doesn't hate me, and that he is, just like me, a very sensitive person who hides it from the people he doesn't know. he is also an amazing photographer, writer and a cook !

later on I even find out that he was looking forward to pose for me...

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