Monday, December 15, 2014

Maëlle Venin

everything happens for a reason...

about a year and a half ago I had a difficult time recovering from a very painful but necessary break-up. I had no idea what to do with my life, where to go, where to live, I was such a mess... 
the only moments when I felt alive was the time I was surrounded by my friends and their friends. that's when I met Clémence Thooris, a gorgeous actress with cat eyes. we spend few months hanging out all together then everybody disappeared, as if by magic, following their roads. 
about a year after, out of nowhere, Clémence wrote me down asking to take some pictures of her, because apparently her agent was never satisfied with her photos. I got scared imagining this terrifying agent never happy with anything but said "yes" anyway. we spend a very cool afternoon with Clem taking pictures talking about past months of our lives (the fool shooting is here). 
when I was sending her the pictures I was under a lot of pressure, waiting for the answer... 
and then I've got THE call :
"Hey, I'm Maëlle, Clémence Thooris' agent. I loved your pictures ! Can you photograph my other actors from the agency ?" - asked a girlish sweet voice. I was shocked. mostly because it was my dream job - working with actors, but also because this agent seemed to be a lovely fairy. 

after our conversation we spend few weeks speaking regularly on a phone, or by text messages, I took pictures of several actors from her agency - Venin, we became pretty close without seeing each other. 

and then finally we've met ! so the big scary agent happens to be this teeny tiny graceful brunette filled with charm and kindness. people like her are very rare : strong, willing to help lost souls around her in whom she believes, knows exactly what she wants and where she goes, can manage several things at the same time, very professional, genuine, smart, intuitive, sensitive, funny... but at the same time there is this very fragile side of her, very precious and delicate that I'm crazy about.
her actors love her very much and she takes good care of them. and, in some way, she also took me under her wing, giving me some precious advices and helping me to build the confidence in myself.

I feel like I know her for ages, from our previous lives maybe (if there is...), even though it's been only for 8 months top, there is the deep connection full of light between us. I hope our friendship will grow on beautiful and strong and all our projects will be realized together side by side.

of course from the first sigh I saw her I wanted to take pictures of her, but she was very reluctant to this idea, so I tricked her ! presenting the photo-session as a gift for her birthday and shooting her daughter at the same time. it must have been just a try, because I've never did a real mother-daughter shooting before, but I like the result very much and hope we will do it again some time soon ;)

models : Maëlle & Satine


  1. Magnifique ! Très poétique...

  2. Replies
    1. merciiiiiiiiiii. ça me fait super plaisir !!!!! plein de bisous

  3. Très belles créations subtiles et poétiques. Etrêmement touchant.