Thursday, November 27, 2014

Lucas Saint Faust

Lucas wrote me an e-mail about a photo-shoot on a recommendation of another actor (I can't believe it's happening to me more and more often, a year ago I couldn't dream about something like that, it seemed impossible but now it's my reality) and we set a date.
we've met one cold afternoon, well cold for me I guess, because Lucas had just a t-shirt and denim jacket whereas I was wearing all warm clothes I had from my wardrobe grabbing tight a hot tea with my cold fingers. 
he was anxious because he just arrived in Paris and it was his first photo-shooting ; his eyes were wide open and wondering. he has this great actor quality : on one picture he looks 16 years old and on the next one a grown man, it's disturbingly amazing, you can't say how old is he ! 
everything went easily maybe because we share the same kind of "story", he also grew-up in another country and knows pretty well the concept of being "lost" but it's very cool in a way, because it makes the connections easier for us. and speaking about connections he spend a part of his childhood next to someone I'm seeing almost every day, the world is small and full of surprises...

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