Thursday, October 2, 2014

my journey in Savoie

do you know this feeling when you meet someone for the first time but you feel very comfortable with from the beginning ? this is what happened when I first met Alex. he came to Paris about a year ago and very fast we became close : when you feel good around the person, can easily talk about everything and he kind of revealed things about me I had no idea of.

so when he told me to come and visit him last August, because I kind of had a minor life crisis, I immediately said yes. nature and good people with big hearts around you is the best thing to help you to "heal". I loved his place and things he showed me, I was inspired by his talent and his will to share things with me but also with other people ; we had a lot of fun together, I think we both have a weird sense of humor !
Alexandre is a wild animal completely in love with the nature but has a great sensibility and open mind. his talent is incredible and sometimes he is even too harsh with himself but maybe this search for the perfection is what makes him this unique.
I'm happy and proud to have him in my life and hope we will make some amazing trips together and maybe even work on personal projects side by side.
me through his hazel eyes :

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