Monday, September 22, 2014

Charity Thomas

today is the first day of autumn which is my favorite season but also that day was born one of my dearest friends (yeahhh I believe in symbolics !).
I know her only for a year but feels like so much more...
I can't describe how happy and privileged I feel being her friend ! she is one of the most astonishing people in this world : huge heart, talented, beautiful, smart, sensitive, carrying, funny, courageous and I can go on and on like this. we've spend an amazing week this summer in the South of France, I think it was one of the most inspiring weeks of my life, we saw so many beautiful things together, had craziest laughs, made thousands of pictures ! she inspires me so much. inside of her there is that incredible secret world full of things people don't even expect, her talent is endless not only in photography but in so many other spheres. once she made me listen to one of her songs and her voice... angel's like... now every time she is humming a song thinking nobody's listening (at work or concerts) I stop breathing. she is my muse but also one of the rarest persons who took pictures of me and I felt comfortable and loved the result and I swear it's such a painful subject to me ! near her I am not afraid of being myself, tell her my crazy scary thoughts and weird stuff that happened/happens to me from time to time, she knows how to listen and reassure never judging even if sometimes I can be such a moron... she is my precious fallen angel.

I wish her from the bottom of my heart to show the world all those things she has in her, it will inspire so many other people who are lost ( like me ) in this beautiful but sometimes complicated universe !

P.S. remember those fireworks in Monaco : just in font of us was a tree, for most of humans beings it would have been an obstacle to watch a great show whereas for us it was perfection because it made the whole thing even more magical. life is tricky but it also depends on how we choose to see it and what we make of it...

happy birthday girl 
special thanks to my friend Nastia for those dresses

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