Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Olivia Csiky Trnka

she was send to me from Venin agency by Maëlle the super agent who has a perfect eye for the new talents, I'm so happy to work with her, I can't even explain ! world is filled with great people and I'm blessed enough to meet them quite often.

so we've met with Olivia in one of my favorite places in Paris - le parc de Bercy.
I think it was one of the easiest shootings I've ever done, every frame was unique.
her wide eyes are filed with knowledge and melancholy as if she knows something more then others do. maybe it's because of her fascinating life and experiences she has made, she travels a lot and already have lived in different countries, it changes people I think, their way to be, their way to feel...
so she brought all of it in the pictures and it was an amazing moment to share. at the end my love caught us - the rain, it was so heavy, we hide for a moment staring at the drops hitting the ground talking about love... it was perfect.
eastern souls are different and when they meet each other they feel themselves like home...
model : Olivia, Venin agency
special thanks to Cléménce Thooris, she knows why ;)

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