Friday, June 27, 2014

Clémence Thooris

I've met her one of those Spring evenings, when the hibernation is over and you slowly starting to put you nose outside, hang out with your old friends, drink Pina Coladas and meet new people.
she was a friend of a friend. you cannot not to fall for her : charming, funny, kind, sensitive, a little crazy... with those piercing honey color eyes ! you just want to be around her. we spend a lot of great and happy moments together. so when she asked me to shoot her I was very happy and excited !

she confirms that rule about actors/actress having that special something, the sensibility maybe, that look in the eyes, the melancholy of the soul and reaffirms my love for artistic and multi-faceted people : one second she is a naive little girl with sparkles in the eyes and another a grown-up nostalgic woman.

I wish her all the luck she needs to make a huge break in her movie-projects, she deserves it !

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