Tuesday, March 18, 2014


I think he might be the first guy that I met that I wanted to shoot immediately. I always liked red-headed girls and was shooting them for a long time already, but Marc I met him when I wasn't yet feeling comfortable to guide boys for my pictures. then I left for Greece and later he was gone in Australia. so the shooting that was planned about 2 years ago finally took place last February in Paris.
obviously handsome and stylish, he has a very special sense of humor and a twin brother, one day I would love to shoot them together (yes yes Marc and Denis) but he is also a very talented character designer, you can check his work here : S.T.E.A.K.
I might shoot him again pretty soon with his gorgeous girlfriend...


  1. Je sais de source sure que Marc est ravi :)

    Source : Je suis Marc.