Saturday, November 2, 2013

Stefie in Wonderland

I was out of the city, my best friend called me and told that she met this incredible girl at our friends' party. she described her as gorgeous, sweet, smart and very interesting girl ! I admit I was jealous because usually my BFF doesn't talk like that about other girls ! and she added that that dreamy girl went in my birthplace - Irkutsk several years ago, and so she wants us to meet. I was sceptic at first, but willing to see this amazing beauty with my own eyes. and well YEAH my friend was right : Stephanie is the best ! grace, kindness, beauty, intelligence, she has all of that, it's impossible not to like her.
and for me she has that special chameleon quality, every picture is different with her, her face is so photogenic and pure, she was born the same day as Marilynn Monroe maybe this is her secret or maybe the fact that she is half austrian; I've noticed that "mixed" people or those who travelled a lot and lived in different countries have something more in their eyes, something deep, like they know the truth...


  1. Oh boy ! This girl is perfect ! Give me her phone number please ! Amazing pictures :D