Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Mariam Tamari

we've wanted to work with one another for a while but there is always been something in a way, but we finally did it ! Mariam is an incredibly talented opera singer but more then that there is something very special about this girl : some sort of authentic kindness.
shooting the born to be artists is always magical, totally different from anything else, you can actually feel they are giving you a part of their soul and they are very aware of the energy that runs between them and me, so it's like some sort of a dance, no need to speak, we understand each other perfectly without words. this is what happened between us - we were almost silently waltzing. 
and of course it helps when your model wears a designer clothes ! both dresses are made by a korean stylist Ji Haye for Yumi Katsura.
thanks to Anna Konishi for her help

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